Health Psychology,

our fundamental pillar

Based on scientific evidence and the principles of health psychology, we incorporate techniques for behaviour change, which generate autonomy and empowerment in patients, so that they can improve self-management of their disease and adherence to treatment


Our tailor-made solutions

We provide advice in all phases of development, adding more value to the drug with differential services
We offer a nurse team specially prepared to deal with patients through telephone contact.
We take the drug to the patients' homes and complement the service with specific training on conservation and administration.
Atendemos al paciente en su domicilio el día que debe administrarse el fármaco
We alleviate the hospital workload through the external support of our nurse team, which is prepared to provide service at key moments, such as vaccination campaigns, patient training, etc.
We train professionals in dialogue with the patient to achieve changes in their behaviour, promoting an active role in their care and treatment adherence
We train the patient to understand their pathology and treatment, and we promote the learning of techniques for emotional control and self-care


Characteristics of our solutions

Support for any pathology and patient population

Using the principles of the health psychology

Multichannel: multiple communication channels with the patient

Specific team created to cover the needs of the service required

Nurse team trained health psychologist techniques

24/7 service Uninterrupted patient care

Reports online, in real time and available from anywhere

Specialized teams

Conduct research according to pathology, treatment, and population of interest
Based on the insights obtained, design a Patient Journey with clear, achievable and measurable objectives
Develops all the necessary materials to carry out the solution, from the presentation to the doctor, to the scripts that the nurses follow in their interaction with the patient
Educated in:
The drug, the device, and the pathology
Active listening skills
Behaviour modification techniques
The objectives of the program
Closed dialogues with set objectives
Focused on:
Create the best user experience
Develop websites adapted to the needs of each profile
Design CRM systems that are easy to use for the nurse, which ensures a higher quality of data
Make reports available 24/7, in real time and from anywhere in the world

It is not essential that you contact us, but if you do we will be essential

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